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Welcome onboard Terminus Railways!

On your journey home, you find yourself stuck on the wrong train after losing your luggage. Desperately searching the increasingly strange surroundings, you meet Samson, a long-term student who seems just as lost as you are. Together, you talk, you grow, you drink coffee and learn more about the true nature of this dream-like, liminal place. Your choices will unravel the story further and determine the fate of its characters. Who gets to leave the train, and who stays behind?

Terminus Railways is a 1st person narrative-focused game that communicates the feeling of ambiguity and uncertainty experienced within a lived liminal time period in one's life. By talking to characters and exploring the environment, the player explores different character’s perspectives communicated through their experiences and is encouraged to introspect.

Created as a Bachelor Project at the University of applied Sciences Darmstadt Terminus Railways explores themes of liminality and coming off age. 

Trigger Warnings:
- Car accidents
- Depression
- Suicidal ideation

Who is Liminaliteam?
Jonas Büttner I Director, Concept and Environment Artist
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonas-b%C3%BCttner-conceptart/
Instagram: @poly4g
itch.io: https://poly-g.itch.io/

Marah Siemko I Production Manager, Writer and Game Designer
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marah-siemko-984936232/
Instagram: @ikarus_zero
itch.io: https://marah-siemko.itch.io/ 

Kai Peters I Programmer and Tech Artist
itch.io: https://kaie13.itch.io/

Elli Möller I Character Artist
itch.io: https://itch.io/profile/elli-rllm

Fabjen Rauch I Sound Designer
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fabjen-rauch-1a2725207


Terminus Build Win v2_22_5_6_2.zip


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Amazing game. Can't wait for the full version. Congrats.

Thank you for the kind words :) Glad to hear that you enjoyed Terminus! We will try fixing the issue of falling of the train as soon as we can.


A really cool concept. If you are at a point in life involving lots of change, the game will feel very realtable. It is very trippy at certain parts. And I love the carpet texture.  <3

I scored 15 points. Not sure what that means...